I’m a software developer specializing in the design and implementation of web-based appli- cations. I enjoy being involved in all aspects of development and do not isolate myself to a particular technology or development role. Some specific areas of expertise include:
  • Programming Languages: Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Objective-C
  • Web Technologies: Servlets/JSP, JSTL, JAX-RS, Tapestry, Struts, Ruby on Rails, XHTML, CSS, Prototype.js, JSON, DOM, Facebook Connect
  • Language Tools: ANTLR, Ragel
  • Data Storage: MySQL, Solr/Lucene, Hibernate
  • Standards & Protocols: IMAP, POP3, SMTP, LMTP, REST, RFC822, MIME
  • Tools: Maven, Subversion, Git, Junit, Vim, Eclipse
Experience — New York, NY
Software Developer
Feb 2007 to Present
  • Architected and built a multi-threaded, Java-based e-mail infrastructure responsible for retrieving, parsing, sanitizing, and storing e-mail messages over POP3, IMAP, and LMTP into a distributed MySQL database and Lucene index.
  • Led the development of a JavaScript-based user interface framework enabling seamless and dynamic presentation of back-end JSON data feeds for all of Zenbe’s web-based interfaces.
  • Developed a domain specific language in ANTLR used to translate user search queries directly to SQL.
  • Implemented complex text comparison algorithms enabling the discovery of contextual similarities between related e-mail messages.
Software Developer
May 2004 to Feb 2007
  • Implemented web-based Java applications that now play an integral role in the patient assessment and insurance approval processes.
  • Built an extensive collection of re-usable front end components to ease the development time of future projects.
  • Aided in the adoption of several new technologies including Hibernate, Struts and Ajax by providing information sessions and mentoring.
NFL Films — Mt. Laurel, NJ
Nov 1999 to May 2004
  • Implemented a MySQL backed, Java Swing application responsible for managing the equipment inventory and maintenance records of the Engineering department.
  • Aided in the integration of broadcast and information systems into their new, state of the art production facility.
  • Ensured smooth operation of crucial video transmission systems while working as an on-site engineer at Super Bowl 35, 36, 37, and 38.
University of Delaware — Newark, DE
Teaching Assistant
Sep 2002 to May 2003
  • Assisted in the teaching of senior level software engineering and freshman level C++ courses.
On the Side
A Hint of Rosemary — Sewell, NJ
Site Owner
May 2006 to Present
  • Built a Ruby on Rails based online store at Features include an administrative content generation application, payment gateway integration, and real-time UPS shipping cost and delivery time estimates.
Master of Science, Computer Science
University of Delaware — Newark, DE
May 2004
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Rowan University — Glassboro, NJ
May 2002
Magna Cum Laude
Minor in Mathematics